Panasonic Hair Trimmer (ER-2051k) Price In Pakistan

Panasonic Hair Trimmer (ER-2051k) Price In Pakistan

Rs. 9,500 RS. 10,000 (-5% Discount)

923054129105+ پر کال کریں یا وٹس ایپ کریں اور اپنا آرڈر حاصل کریں

Brand: Panasonic

• Charging Time: 1 hour 
• Operating Time: 40 min
• Easy Length Setting
• Model: ER2051

Original Product

Delivery Time:
1 - 3 Working Days
وٹس ایپ یا فون پر آرڈر کے لیے اس نمبر پر رابطہ کریں 923054129105
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Model Number


Charging Time

1 hour                               

Operating Time/Charge

40 min.


Hair Trimmer

For Hair Trimming

Possible to style hair in combination with your own comb or finger. Thining attachment for natural-looking finish simply by stroking the hair.



For Beard Trimming

Quick-Adjust Dial For Easy Length Setting Turn Dial To Easily Adjust Comb Up And Down Into 12 Setting From 2-18 Mm. No Need For Multiple Comb Attachments.



Blade replacement Cord/cordless operation Stainless steel blade
Easy and safe blade replacement.No Worries. AC rechargeable, providing up to 40 minutes of cordless usage. Long lasting stainless steel blade.

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